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A New Patient's Guide to Invisalign

If you have misaligned teeth and live in Belmont, then Invisalign might be right for you. Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment that can effectively correct many different types of ...
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Understanding TMJ

If you experience pain in the jaw, face, or ears, your dentist might diagnose you with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. TMJ disorder occurs when there is dysfunction of the jaw joints and ...
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A Look at Medical Conditions That Affect Your Oral Health

Your dentist can learn a lot about your overall wellness by examining your mouth. There are many medical conditions that can affect your oral health, such as by increasing your risk of periodontal ...
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Protecting Mom and Baby's Oral Health During Pregnancy

Your dentist in Belmont is an important member of your prenatal care team. Take care of your dental health and that of your baby’s by visiting your dentist at least every six months for a dental ...
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How to Reduce Your Risk of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is not an inevitable part of growing older. By taking good care of your teeth throughout your lifetime, you can continue to enjoy a full, healthy smile well into your golden years. If ...
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Tooth Sensitivity After Veneers

Dentists in Belmont can apply dental veneers to the front sides of the teeth. Veneers are an effective way to instantly camouflage a wide range of dental imperfections, including stubborn tooth ...
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Preventing Dental Emergencies with Mouth Guards

A dentist in Belmont can help you if you sustain a broken tooth or if a tooth has been knocked out of your mouth. However, it’s always best to prevent these dental emergencies whenever possible. ...
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A Look at Oral Cancer Exams

Oral cancer is a very serious disease that can be quickly found and hopefully cured if spotted early by a dentist. Dentists in Belmont can conduct a quick and painless oral cancer screening exam ...
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Tooth Anatomy 101

To fully understand how tooth decay and infection can affect a tooth and its root canal, it is best to know the tooth’s anatomy. By knowing more about the structure of a tooth, patients can ...
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When Is Periodontal Treatment Necessary?

Periodontal disease in Belmont is a serious condition that can lead to tooth loss, massive infections, and painful periodontal treatments. With periodontal treatments—like deep cleanings ...
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What to Expect When You Get a Cavity Filled

Areas of tooth decay, also referred to as dental caries or cavities, occur when the bacteria in the mouth release acidic byproducts that wear away the tooth enamel. Many people have cavities without ...
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Does Stress Cause Teeth Grinding?

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, can be a serious condition. It can affect the shape and function of the teeth and gums, if it persists and is left untreated. Bruxism in Belmont often occurs ...
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What Corrective Treatments Are Available for the Jaw?

With the help of sedation dentistry and advancing technology, dentists and oral surgeons can correct the look and function of defective jawbones. The jaw may be affected by bone loss and deformities, ...
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What Is Pocket Reduction Surgery

Pocket reduction surgery is a type of periodontal treatment for a patient who suffers from advancing gum disease near Belmont. It is typically used with sedation dentistry or local anesthesia to ...
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Get the Facts About Sugar and Oral Health

There are many myths and misunderstandings about how sugar affects oral health and dental care in Belmont. For example, patients have long misunderstood that sugar is not the only damaging cause of ...
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Signs You Need an Emergency Dental Appointment

Just as emergencies and accidents can happen to the rest of your body, so too can they occur to your teeth and mouth. Root canal infections, knocked-out teeth, and other dental emergencies require the ...
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Using Antibiotics to Treat Gum Disease

There are many ways dentists will treat gum disease near Belmont, including deep cleanings and antibiotic treatments. Antibiotics are an essential tool in the medical and dental field to treat various ...
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3 Benefits of Preventative Dental Care

Many patients view preventative dental care as a chore, but they may be surprised to learn that many benefits come from daily dental care serving Belmont. Preventative care can mean the difference ...
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Reasons Young Patients Should Consider Invisalign

When dentists recommend that young patients receive braces, these patients may feel embarrassed or worried about how they will look. However, Invisalign in Belmont is the perfect choice for young ...
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How a Dry Mouth Can Harm Your Teeth

If you have been experiencing xerostomia near Belmont, also known as dry mouth, then call your dentist for an appointment soon. Dry mouth can be a potentially harmful condition to your oral health, as ...
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Are Sugar-Free Products Safe for Teeth?

Patients often turn to sugar-free sodas and candies in the hopes that these products will prevent tooth decay from harming their dental health near Belmont. However, these products can cause just as ...
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When to Call Your Dentist After Hours About Tooth Pain

If you experience a toothache near Belmont, especially after your dental office has closed, you may not know when the appropriate time to call your emergency dentist is. There are a few signs, such as ...
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Recognizing the Signs of a Cavity

As seen in the video, if a patient is noticing symptoms of a cavity, then the cavity has potentially advanced into a more serious condition, such as a root canal infection. If a patient experiences ...
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Who Is the Right Candidate for Dentures?

When a patient is searching for the means to replace his missing teeth, he will come across dentures in Belmont. Dentures are usually a custom-made dental restorative that can replace several or all ...
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Tobacco and Your Oral Health

As seen in this “Dental Minute” video, any type of tobacco use can lead to mild and severe dental and oral concerns. Mild concerns may be in the form of teeth staining and bad breath. ...
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