Blog Posts in August, 2016

Tobacco and Your Oral Health

As seen in this “Dental Minute” video, any type of tobacco use can lead to mild and severe dental and oral concerns. Mild concerns may be in the form of teeth staining and bad breath. ...
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Spotlight on Topical Antibiotics

If you have advanced periodontal disease in Belmont, then your dentist may suggest a number of treatments to correct your dental health. These procedures may include scaling and planing, root canal ...
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Looking at Localized Gum Recession

Receding gums in Belmont are a serious dental concern, even if it is a localized condition. If you have receding gums, it is a sign of another problem that should be addressed soon. Receding gums can ...
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Can Gum Disease Be Reversed?

Gum disease is a prevalent cause for concern in today’s society, even though it can be easily prevented and reversed at its earliest stage. If gum disease near Belmont is allowed to progress, it ...
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What Are the Effects of Ignoring a Teeth Grinding Habit?

Have you been diagnosed with teeth grinding, also known as bruxism? Bruxism is a serious condition that should never be ignored. If allowed to progress without treatment from a dentist in Belmont, ...
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Easing Swelling in Infected Gums

Swelling in infected gums and root canals can lead to severe pain in your mouth. There are ways to reduce this swelling at home, but you should consult your dentist near Belmont if the swelling does ...
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Making Smart Food Choices for Dental Health

Maintaining a healthy diet is a great choice for your overall health, as well as your dental and mental health. A healthy diet, filled with fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, can go a long way ...
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Highlighting the Benefits of Regular Dental Checkups

Many people wait until they have a toothache near Belmont before they visit their dentist. Instead, those same people could prevent a toothache, gingivitis, or a root canal treatment if they saw their ...
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