Blog Posts in February, 2016

Preventative Strategies for Avoiding Gum Disease

Gum disease (periodontitis) is a condition caused by the gradual build-up of harmful oral bacteria. Over time, these bacteria form a sticky film known as plaque, which adheres to the surface of tooth ...
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Signs That Your Child May Need Braces

For many years, the standard solution for tooth misalignment has been braces. Fortunately braces have continued to benefit from advancements made possible by modern dental technology. Although you ...
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Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist

Your dentist will be your go-to resource for all things dental health, so it helps to choose wisely. In order to choose the right dentist for your needs, however, you must understand what kinds of ...
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Flossing 101

If you don’t want tooth decay or gingivitis to become part of your future, it is important that you take care of your teeth. In addition to brushing your teeth and visiting your dentist, you ...
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A Look at Recent Dentistry Advances

The field of dentistry is constantly changing, adapting, and advancing, and your dentist has more help than ever in diagnosing your condition and performing the necessary treatment. These dental ...
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The Symptoms of Xerostomia

Although we may not think about them often, saliva has plenty of biological uses. Unfortunately those who suffer from xerostomia have trouble producing an adequate amount of saliva. This can make it ...
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Dry Mouth 101

If you have been finding your mouth uncomfortably dry, you may be suffering from xerostomia. There are many different factors that might contribute to this dental complication, from your age to the ...
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Essential Information About Gingivitis

From the time you were a child, your dentist urged you to practice proper dental hygiene in order to avoid problems with your teeth and gums in the future. One of the problems that he or she was ...
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How Your Dentist Can Help with Xerostomia

Those who suffer from xerostomia fail to produce enough saliva. Unfortunately this can make it difficult to chew and swallow your food, plague you with bad breath, and even cause physical pain. On the ...
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