Blog Posts in September, 2016

Using Antibiotics to Treat Gum Disease

There are many ways dentists will treat gum disease near Belmont, including deep cleanings and antibiotic treatments. Antibiotics are an essential tool in the medical and dental field to treat various ...
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3 Benefits of Preventative Dental Care

Many patients view preventative dental care as a chore, but they may be surprised to learn that many benefits come from daily dental care serving Belmont. Preventative care can mean the difference ...
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Reasons Young Patients Should Consider Invisalign

When dentists recommend that young patients receive braces, these patients may feel embarrassed or worried about how they will look. However, Invisalign in Belmont is the perfect choice for young ...
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How a Dry Mouth Can Harm Your Teeth

If you have been experiencing xerostomia near Belmont, also known as dry mouth, then call your dentist for an appointment soon. Dry mouth can be a potentially harmful condition to your oral health, as ...
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Are Sugar-Free Products Safe for Teeth?

Patients often turn to sugar-free sodas and candies in the hopes that these products will prevent tooth decay from harming their dental health near Belmont. However, these products can cause just as ...
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When to Call Your Dentist After Hours About Tooth Pain

If you experience a toothache near Belmont, especially after your dental office has closed, you may not know when the appropriate time to call your emergency dentist is. There are a few signs, such as ...
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Recognizing the Signs of a Cavity

As seen in the video, if a patient is noticing symptoms of a cavity, then the cavity has potentially advanced into a more serious condition, such as a root canal infection. If a patient experiences ...
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Who Is the Right Candidate for Dentures?

When a patient is searching for the means to replace his missing teeth, he will come across dentures in Belmont. Dentures are usually a custom-made dental restorative that can replace several or all ...
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