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When to See Your Dentist About a Toothache

Since all our bodily systems are linked, it’s not always easy to tell why you’re experiencing a given symptom. Aches and pains can happen for all types of reasons, but you need to know ...
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Replace Your Dentures with Full Mouth Dental Implants

Your smile is important to you, so you should be able to show it off. Dentures can be a great way to replace your missing teeth, but they’re not the best choice for everyone. Thanks to advances ...
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What You Can Do to Prevent Plaque Buildup

Plaque buildup causes conditions like gum disease, which can ultimately affect your overall health in addition to your oral health. If you know what you’re doing, preventing plaque buildup is ...
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How to Clean and Store Your Toothbrush

Poor dental hygiene leads to gum disease, tooth decay, and countless other dental risks. In addition to seeing your dentist near Belmont, you have to brush and floss your teeth every day to remove ...
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Alex Aiono Answers Your Invisalign Questions

You should have a healthy amount of knowledge about any treatment you take on, so get the answers to your questions before getting started. Invisalign in Belmont is a dental treatment that has become ...
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Did You Know These Foods Can Stain Your Teeth?

Stains on your teeth will distract from your beautiful smile, but treatments like veneers and teeth whitening in Belmont can often reverse the blemishes. If you want to avoid these stains entirely so ...
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What is Sleep Apnea?

If you and your partner are both non-snorers, you’re lucky. It’s easier for you both to sleep soundly throughout the night. It also means that you probably have sleep apnea, since snoring ...
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What's Causing Your Snoring?

You might be surprised at what causes you to snore at night. Snoring is the sound of air vibrating your respiratory organs, which happens because there is an obstruction that closes off the airway. ...
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How Do Cavities Form?

One of the most common reasons people visit their dentist in Belmont is cavities. Cavities happen to patients of all ages, and when they are left untreated, they can lead to root canals, gum disease, ...
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Hear What Real Moms Think About Invisalign

Invisalign treatment lets kids and adults alike improve their smiles without wearing metal braces. Could it be right for your child? If you’re considering talking to your child’s dentist ...
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Tips for Promoting Your Teen's Oral Health

The teenage years are a transition period for young people and parents alike. It’s during these years that teens can face a lot of changes, including to their oral health. For parents, keeping ...
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Why You Shouldn't Ignore Gum Recession

Gum recession occurs when the gums pull back away from the surfaces of the teeth. It can cause a range of complications, including sensitivity and tooth loss, if not treated by your dentist or ...
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Do I Need a Root Canal?

Root canals are performed to remove a portion of an infected tooth so that it is not necessary to remove the entire tooth. Your dentist may recommend a root canal in Belmont if you have a large cavity ...
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Sedation Dentistry: Questions to Ask Your Dentist

Sedation dentistry allows patients who have been avoiding the dentist for years to finally get much-needed dental care and allows patients who simply feel a little anxious every time a checkup rolls ...
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Is Your Smile Photo-Ready? Talk to Your Dentist About Tooth Whitening

Do you hide your smile every time someone snaps a picture or try to cover your teeth when you talk, all because your teeth are not as white as they could be? The time to reclaim your smile is now. ...
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Emergency Dental Care: Tips for Parents

A dental emergency can be scary for both kids and parents. The steps you take after an emergency occurs can make a big difference to how the injury is treated by your dentist, especially if your ...
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Try These Toothbrush Care Tips

When it comes to preventing cavities and gum disease, your dentist in Belmont will emphasize the importance of twice-daily brushing. While you may already be familiar with this essential oral hygiene ...
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Reasons to Consider Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin, custom-made shells that fit against the fronts of individual teeth. Many dentists suggest dental veneers for patients who have gapped, crooked, worn down, cracked, chipped, or ...
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How to Handle a Broken Tooth

Broken teeth can be caused by a number of things. For example, if you have a cavity or need a root canal, then the tooth structure may be weakened and prone to breaks. Also, bruxism, biting down on ...
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What's Causing My Bad Breath?

Have you noticed that your breath smells less than rosy? If so, then you’re probably wondering what’s behind this smelly problem. Watch this video to learn what your dentist in Belmont ...
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Invisalign Lets You Enjoy the Things You Love

If you’re looking for a way to straighten your smile without wearing traditional braces, then ask your dentist about Invisalign in Belmont. Invisalign treatment uses a series of clear aligners ...
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Get Ready to Show Off Your Smile This Holiday Season

Once fall arrives, many people look for ways to get photo-ready for upcoming holiday parties. If you’re eager to show off your smile this season, then read on to learn about some of the cosmetic ...
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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Tooth Brushing Routine?

You have heard time and again that brushing your teeth is important for promoting healthy teeth and gums. However, if you are like many people treated by dentists in Belmont, then you may know less ...
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One Happy Patient's Invisalign Story

The best part about Invisalign is the happy patients that it ends up helping, and Danni is just one of many examples. Danni talked to her dentist near Belmont about Invisalign and found out that this ...
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Can Cavities Be Prevented?

You’ve probably known what a cavity is since you were a young child, but have you always done what you can to avoid getting one yourself? Cavities are not inevitable, and with the right dental ...
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