Why It Is Important to Take Your Toothache Seriously

Toothaches near Belmont should never be ignored, because they can be a sign of a serious problem. Root canal infections, sinus infections, and impacted wisdom teeth can cause toothaches, and these issues should be taken very seriously. If you leave any of the following toothache causes alone, then you may experience further health problems and invasive, corrective procedures.

It is a sign of tooth decay.

Toothaches are commonly associated with tooth decay resulting in a cavity. This is usually a small portion of your tooth that has decayed and must be treated with a dental filling. However, cavities should not be ignored, because they can lead to root canal infections and further tooth decay.

It is a sign of gum disease.

Gum disease is a serious concern that can lead to lost teeth and health problems if it is not treated. If you have a toothache, then it may be a sign of gum disease. This disease causes pockets of infection to form in between the gums and the teeth, which can quickly spread to the teeth roots and cause severe toothaches.

It is a sign of impacted wisdom teeth.

As your wisdom teeth erupt, they can cause toothaches in your nearby molars. If the wisdom teeth become impacted—meaning they do not have enough room to grow—and continue without treatment, then they can cause severe toothaches and damages to your other molars.

It is a sign of infection.

Toothaches from abscesses or infection are often caused by tooth decay, root canal issues, and gum disease. However, this infection, if left untreated, could lead to health problems throughout your body.

It is a sign of sinus trouble.

Toothaches are not a common sign of sinus trouble for everyone, but they should not be ignored when accompanied by other sinus issues. If your teeth, checks, and the area around your nose aches or have a lot of pressure, then you may have a sinus infection. Visit your dentist or primary care physician if you suspect a sinus issue causing your toothache

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