Dental Implants: What Patients Should Know

Dental implants in Belmont are popular, but many people still don’t know much about them. This kind of dental procedure offers many benefits, and the effects can last for a lifetime if you care for your dental implants properly. Treatment does involve a surgical procedure, but thanks to modern technology, your dentist can get you through it comfortably. It’s a good idea to consider your aftercare requirements before you go in for your dental implants so you can stock up on the necessary materials.

The Benefits

Whether you’re looking to restore your oral health or you just want a smile that you can be proud of, dental implants may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. When you ask your dentist about dental implants, you’ll learn how the treatment can benefit you. Dental implants will keep your natural teeth in line and prevent them from becoming crooked, and they will help to retain the bone mass in your jaw so the shape of your face doesn’t change. It might also become easier to eat and speak naturally once you have gone through dental implant treatment.

The Process

If you understand what a dental implant is, you know that it is a mildly invasive procedure. This means you should do your best to prepare for treatment, and understand what you’re going to be taking on. However, modern dentistry makes it easier than ever to have an implant placed, and a good dentist should keep you perfectly comfortable and content, alleviating any anxiety you might have about the appointment. First, your dentist will place the implant in your jaw, leaving an abutment poking through the gums. Once the implant has fused to the bone, you can return for a permanent dental crown and enjoy your new smile.

The Aftercare

You might not be able to handle normal food immediately after dental implant treatment, so stock up on liquids beforehand. It’s also wise to have gauze that you can use for any residual blood. Remember to brush and floss your implants as well as your natural teeth after the procedure.
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