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Treating Infected Tooth Pulp with Root Canals

If your dentist has recommended a root canal, you may have questions about what the procedure involves and how it works to treat infected tooth pulp. Root canals in Belmont are a common procedure in ...
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Why Don't Teeth Regrow?

If you are considering getting veneers or dental implants in Belmont, you may have wondered why your broken or missing teeth don’t grow back. After all, hair, nails, and skin regrow after ...
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Tips for Preparing for Your Root Canal

Tooth extraction is a scenario that many dentists want to avoid, and root canals make it possible for many people with severely damaged teeth to keep their smiles intact. If your dentist has detected ...
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What to Expect After Your Root Canal

Will you soon be getting a root canal in Belmont? Root canals are common, safe procedures, but they do require some post-treatment precautions. In the days following your root canal, your tooth might ...
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